Outsiders Studio

Nicholas Dimitruk - BitRip

Nicholas Dimitruk, founder and CEO of BitRip, talks about iterating on customer feedback, cold calling to find a manufacturer and his focus on spaces that on the surface seem the most boring.

September 2nd - 2020

Josh Lessing - RootAI

Josh Lessing founder and CEO of RootAI, talks about the switch from academia to entrepreneurship, enabling supply chain change by changing a key link in the process and driving an 18-wheeler through downtown LA.

September 29th - 2020

Ali Kaminetsky - Modern Picnic

Ali Kaminetsky, founder and CEO of Modern Picnic, talks about starting a company while working, taking the leap from idea to MVP and how to navigate an international supply chain.

July  20th - 2020

Julian Flannery - Summus

Julian Flannery, founder and CEO of Summus, talks about changing the remote care model, how critical his previous experience was in building Summus and his  view on the remote care ecosystem going forward.   

August 5th - 2020