Outsiders Fund is a Seed and Series-A stage venture capital firm, focused on supporting founders that are identifying and solving today’s problems in ingenious ways. We invest with a focus towards technology-driven solutions that seek to disrupt established, antiquated and long-standing industries.

Our five guiding principles are the foundation of everything we do:

1. We're Inspired by the unconventional:

Outsiders are exceptionally unique in that they aren’t afraid to think or operate contrary to the norm. They're always challenging the way things work. They're willful. They're independent. They're intellectually curious. We are called "Outsiders Fund" because we want to do all we can to support and elevate these founders on their journeys to make a true impact on the world. We do not seek out founders with traditional backgrounds or standard experiences; instead, we look for smart, purpose-driven people who are unafraid to zig when everyone else zags. There is no ideal background that we look for—our mission is to support motivated and passionate founders who are using technology in new and inventive ways.

2. People First

Above all, we are investing in people. We won't back a company unless we are confident that the founders have passion for what they are building and the highest level of focus, dedication, and determination. Our investment approach is designed to determine whether founders have the vision, the ability to execute, and the desire to continuously learn. Can a founder build smart, build lean and build towards the objective? Once we partner, we are 100% in and will do all we can to help a founder succeed.

3. Data and Technology Are In Our DNA

Our technical backgrounds bring a valuable edge to our partnerships. Because we are builders at heart, we deeply believe that our value ought to extend far beyond our capital contribution. We understand both business and technology, and function as thought partners connecting the top-level objectives to the underlying technology. We have been there before at every step of the company building process, from day one to IPO, and are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get into the weeds to help regardless of the task at hand.

4. We Challenge The Status Quo

We refuse to accept things as they are and continuously challenge conventional wisdom. There are countless ways to improve existing solutions in every industry, and we back founders who are in constant pursuit of those solutions. The market opportunity is vast—wherever there are inefficiencies, there are opportunities. We evaluate everyday challenges through a technical lens to help founders deliver faster, smarter, and more user-friendly experiences.

5. We Want To Improve Our World

We provide resources to empower founders to generate impact, drive economic growth, and build societal value in an ever-changing world. We focus on the problems of today to have an impact for the here and now. We want to create the opportunity for visionary founders, that can see the world as it is and can envision the way it should be, to thrive and have a lasting impact on others.

Teddy Seem

Teddy Seem spent the first few years after college at Bridgewater Associates where he started as a forward deployed engineer working on the proprietary internal research platform. He then transitioned to an investment engineering role working on building the quantitative research models for the Foreign Exchange research team. After Bridgewater, he pursued his interest in machine learning and led the machine learning initiatives at a NYC start-up called Resonance Companies where he focused on building ML models which could interpret, convert and re-process 2-dimensional images.

Teddy holds a B.A. in computer science from Amherst College where he was a member of the varsity lacrosse team, a member of the Glee Club and led the CS Club. He also holds an M.B.A from Harvard Business School.

Backing non-traditional founders disrupting traditional, incumbent industries


Meet the team

Austin McChord

Austin McChord is the founder and former CEO of Datto, an innovative provider of comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions. Austin founded Datto as a college student in his parent’s basement, growing it to become Connecticut’s first “unicorn”, and led as it’s CEO through it’s acquisition acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2017.

A graduate, trustee, and 2017 commencement speaker of the Rochester Institute of Technology, McChord is the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions. He was named Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 list in 2015, was named Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016, and earned recognition as one of the nation's top 50 philanthropists in 2017 by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. McChord holds several patents and has been a featured keynote speaker at technology conferences including Collision, Techonomy, and more.

Outsiders Fund is a venture capital firm focused on identifying opportunities where technology will disrupt traditional incumbent industries




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